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Fractional Talent and Culture support for organizations that aspire to create meaningful experiences for the marvellous humans who work for them.

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Passionate about her craft, Steph marries a positive energy that permeates everything she does with a deep understanding of the cultural needs of companies today. In practice, she helps to architect and execute an important playbook for building purpose and connection in a remote work environment, blended with her creative abilities that bring teams together to build in-person connection. Steph's unique skillset helps companies entrench high level company values into the employee experience. Her empathy and thoughtfulness shine in crafting an employee experience that makes all feel a deeper connection to their workplace. Steph is a trusted sounding board and pillar of wisdom for any CEO looking to build their team, see their employees excel, and build scalable programs that foster connection for all team members.

John Coombs, CEO & co-founder at Judo | Rover

Steph pretty much built our company. Need you read more?

We were fortunate to have Steph as a part of our lives in Toronto for several critical years during the company's growth, and neither our client count nor our culture would be what they are today without her.

Everyone knows that eventually some form of culture emerges within a team whether you try or not. What Steph knows is the secret of how to shine a light on a culture and reflect that back on its leaders and those looking to understand it. Only then can course corrections and improvements start to be made. Steph is a one-of-a-kind employee, leader, and coach, while also being a shrewd marketer and copywriter.

If you're reading this because you're considering her for a position: stop reading and hire her already!

Pete Bastedo, CEO & co-founder, Lumerate Inc.

Steph knows that how a company treats its people reflects the success of the company. Over many years I had the privilege of working with Steph and witnessing her tremendous efforts at scaling a small company with just a handful of people to a thriving and successful culture of dozens of motivated team members across many teams. I know this because she made sure that I and everyone else at the company was a part of the evolutionary process. Years later, the company culture and employee retention stands strong because of the foundation she laid.

Steph does not need handholding. She was always proactive in working with leadership to develop and understand HR, talent, and culture goals. Working with stakeholders, she took the initiative in creating new polices and systems to effectively scale up people and process at our company. We miss Steph everyday but are so grateful for where she took us.

Ian Hamilton-Burge, Product Manager, Lumerate Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Steph for a couple of years while at Zymewire. She supported my team's recruitment/hiring/employee retention efforts, alongside her many other responsibilities. What stands out most about Steph is her rare blend of being an experienced senior leader while maintaining a maniacal focus on execution. During her time at Zymewire, she not only defined the values that became the basis of our company culture, but she also consistently found new and exciting ways to uphold those values. This resulted in increased workplace satisfaction, employee engagement, and retention. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Steph again and any team would be lucky to have her!

Danika Miller-Bouchard, Director of Sales, Lumerate Inc.

During her time at Rover, I had the pleasure of working with Steph, our universally admired Head of People and Culture. From the moment she hired me and hosted my onboarding to her last day with us, Steph consistently demonstrated a natural knack for making anyone feel welcome, valued and motivated.

I have always been grateful for the “work hard, play hard” culture we have at Rover and appreciate the integral role Steph has played in making every employee feel encouraged to connect on both a professional and personal level. On a day-to-day, Steph was always eager to catch up, check in and give guidance to each of us. She also took the initiative to meticulously orchestrate the events of our memorable in-person company retreats where we meaningfully connected and learned from one another.

As the visionary behind our company values, the leader of so many of our learning and socializing initiatives and a cherished presence in our virtual office, Steph's departure from Rover has been felt by all of us. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization fortunate enough to have her on board as they will no doubt benefit from her creativity, her passion, and her dedication to creating a vibrant workplace culture.

Janae Welsh, Product Specialist, Rover

Steph played a critical role in my success at Lumerate from the initial interview to my continued growth in my roles. Steph is caring, thoughtful, empathetic, and strategic in nature. She was a catalyst for success in building a remote culture steeped in inclusiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic. There wasn’t a week that went by that we didn’t feel united as a team. Her work on intentional connections has remarkably cultivated an environment where distance is no barrier to unity. Her strategic approach to talent and culture coupled with genuine empathy, has fostered a strong foundation of belonging, ensuring that every team member feels heard, valued, and an integral part of the collective success, despite the physical distance.

Kevin Saem, Zapyrus Brand Founder, Lumerate Inc.

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